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Isla Blanca & Cancun Fly Fishing Cancun and Isla Blanca offer anglers all four top saltwater game fish and then some. Tarpon, Snook, Permit, and Bonefish! Plus plenty more action with Barracuda, Snappers, Jacks, Ladyfish, and Sea Trout! Gland Slam Territory!
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Tarpon - The Silver King

Sabalo (Spanish Translation)
Tarpon can be found on both the Cancun and Isla Blanca trips all year long with the larger and migrating fish coming on to the flats March through August. The fish are generally from 8lb to 25lbs with some fish in the 30lb to 40lb range giving an angler an amazing fight on light tackle or fly gear. Known for skyrocketing out of the water and giving and amazing show of aerial acrobatics, it is one of saltwater fishing's most sought after fish.
Cancun Tarpon Fishing
Tarpon in the Air
Tarpon on the Fly
Jon's Tarpon
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Permit - No description needed!

Palometa (Spanish Translation)
Permit are the number one trophy on the flats and well known for frustrating anglers from novice up to the most experienced of fly fisherman. They are a very powerful fish known for reel screaming runs like bonefish but are also an extremely spooky fish on the flats. Hooking one requires sighting the fish well ahead of time as well as just about a perfect cast and presentation from the angler. If not, "GONE" let's just say a Permit will rarely ever give you a second chance! While there are some opportunities for Permit in the right seasons on the Cancun trips, the Isla Blanca area offers world class Permit fishing as well as grand slam possibilities throughout the Spring and summer months.
Big Permit In Isla Blanca
Permit Underwater
Permit on Fly
Close up of a Permit
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Bonefish - Ghost Of The Flats

Macabi (Spanish Translation)
Bonefish have become the most popular fish sought after on the flats. They are found in the summer months in Cancun and in Isla Blanca during the spring and summer. They can be caught cruising the flats, tailing with their noses digging in the sand, and mudding where a school of Bonefish will start to turn up area together in search of food. pund for pound they are the strongest fish on the flats and are know for reel screaming runs that will not be forgotten.
Enrique with a Bonefish
Bonefish Close Up
Isla Blanca Bonefish
Bonefish on Fly
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Robalo (Spanish Translation)
Snook are caught most of the year on both the Cancun and Isla Blanca trips as well. A powerful fish with attitude that makes for an exciting fight on fly or light tackle gear. They are found along mangrove shorelines and islands, are known for explosive runs and some acrobatics as well. They will head straight for cover once hooked which makes it easy to cut your line or leader, and what makes landing the fish a challenge sometimes.
Snook Fishing
Isla blanca Snook
Snook Release in the Cancun Lagoon
Cancun Mexico Snook Fishing
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Additional Saltwater Species

Barracuda - Snappers - Jacks - Ladyfish - Sea Trout
With so many flats, mangroves, and reefs in the area, there is also plenty of opportunity for other species like Barracuda, Snappers, and Jacks which can make for some exciting fishing as well on fly or light tackle.
Barracuda on Fly in Isla Blanca
Isla Blanca Fishing Jacks
Snapper Fishing Cancun
Isla Blanca Barracuda
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