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Cancun Fly Fishing Pictures
Fly Fishing Reels
Cancun and Isla Blanca Flats and Fly Fishing - What To Bring All fishing equipment and tackle is included in your trip, including lures and flies. However, if you have your own equipment or plan to purchase your own gear for this trip, below are our recommendations for the area. We've also listed a couple other important items that you should definitely have for your trip such as polarized sunglasses and sun protection!
Fly Fishing Reels

Fly Fishing
Fly Rods - The best rods for the area are 9ft. fast action fly rods in an 8wt. or 9wt.

Fly Reels - Fly reels made for 7-8-9wt. with floating line is recommended and they should hold at least 200yds of backing. Slow sinking line is also good for the channels we fish.


Tarpon - Assorted Deceivers, minnows, and poppers in brown, root beer, tan, olive, white with pink, white with chartreuse, and purple.

Permit - Plenty of crab patterns in tan, brown, olive, and tan with green.

Bonefish - Crazy Charlies and Gotchas in tan, pink, olive, and brown as well as assorted shrimp patterns.

Snook - An assortment of Clousers, Deceivers, and minnows in root beer, white, and blue.

Fly Fishing Reels
Light Tackle Fishing
Light Tackle Rods - Medium and fast action 6ft to 7ft rods.

Light Tackle Reels with 8lb.-10lb.-12lb. capacity and at least 150ft to 200ft of line will usually be fine for most situations.

Lures - Assorted feather jigs in 1/8 and 1/4 in brown, root beer, tan, white/pink, white/chartreuse, and olive. Top water include Yozuri's, Rapala's, and Mirror lures in the same size category. Soft baits including shrimp, minnow imitations, and grubs with jig heads.
Fly Fishing Reels

Additional Recommended Items

Polarized Sunglasses - We recommend amber or copper lenses for the flats.

Sun Block - The day is long, sunny, and hot! If you are going to use sunblock please put it on at the hotel and make sure you wash your hands.

Light Clothing - Light long sleeve shirts are recommended and a better option than sun block. 

Hat - Everyone should bring a hat with neck protection or a buff/bandana.

Camera - You'll have some nice memories you'll want to remember.
Fly Fishing Reels
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Fly Fishing Reels
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